LavaGrip Eco-Friendly Ice Melt Alternative 16kg

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LavaGrip is non-corrosive, safe for new concrete, pet friendly and environmentally friendly

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LavaGrip Eco-Friendly Ice Melt Alternative 16kg

The Original “Anti Slip”, LavaGrip is an Environmentally-Safe Traction-Aid for those wanting to complete their ice control plan and enhance safety. The unique shape of lava gives the perfect grip on ice that can’t be achieved by other commonly-used traction-aids. LavaGrip is a pure product made in Canada. Sourced from a volcano in Quesnel, BC. It is extracted, processed, and packaged in Canada.

Safe to use on new concrete, wooden decks and delicate surfaces.


  • Organic and Non-Corrosive
  • Doesn’t Track
  • Canadian Source
  • Works In Any Temperature
  • Pet Safe
  • Re-Usable, Doesn’t Dissolve
  • High Visibility
  • Enhanced Safety