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BMP Curb Inlet Filter 48” x 6’

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BMP’s Curb Inlet Filter is a simple device used to protect the inlets from filling with soil and sediment. The 48″ long curb inlet filter has two straps sewn to the side to allow for simple installation and removal. Often used in conjunction with a catch basin protection device, the two products work together to make a complete system of curb and inlet protection.

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BMP Curb Inlet Filter 48” x 6’

Drain inlet protection assists in the prevention of course sediment from entering the underground storm pipe system prior to the permanent stabilization of disturbed areas as in construction sites, or on the street after winter sanding. This is accomplished by using a sediment filter and trap around the storm drain. The device slows the runoff velocity, filters the runoff, and aids in sedimentation prior to the runoff entering the drain inlet.


  • Bright orange and yellow
  • Flexible fabric tube
  • Filled with clean wood shavings
  • Kiln dried
  • Weed free
  • Bark free
  • Attached webbing and buckles to attach sock to curb grate


  • Lay the sock in front of the curb inlet opening
  • Wrap the webbing around the sock and around the bar in the curb grate
  • Loop the webbing through the buckle and tighten
  • Repeat for the second strap